Take It All In

I’ve been thinking a lot about precious moments. For me, they’re seasons of life that can’t be recreated. Starting a family comes with new experiences and moments that only happen once, making them the most treasured things. It’s difficult to describe these feelings but I’m going to give it a shot.


I usually feel it during a non-eventful moment. For example, when Benji and I go into the backyard he immediately darts to his favorite thing – the hose nozzle. He walks over to it, picks it up, looks over at me, and says baby gibberish. In general this moment was pretty quiet. All I heard was passing cars, birds, and Benji’s sweet voice. I felt grateful and happy. I try to take in those moments with my entire body and mind because it’s a temporary season of life.

Speaking of a temporary season of life, I fondly reminisce of the days of preparing for our first child. For example, putting the crib together, traveling to Mitsuwa Marketplace with a big pregnant belly, and the final days of non-parental life. I felt joy and I remember the joy so clearly.

35 weeks pregnant at Mitsuwa Marketplace

35 weeks pregnant at Mitsuwa Marketplace

This is weighing heavy on my heart because I wonder what God has in-store for our little family. More babies? I hope so. :) Just the other night, my wise friend brought up this very topic because she is getting married in less than 2 weeks! She talked about making a conscious effort to feel joy instead of anxiety. It is so true. If you let the stress and anxiety of life overtake you, you are going to miss out on all that joy. That just sounds like a waste, doesn’t it?

tessa gibbs