Milk Journey: My New BFF

I have a new BFF and its name is Haakaa. I’ve been pumping at work for several weeks now and I (sort of) have a rhythm going.


Before I get into that, can I just acknowledge how amazing breastfeeding is!? I can’t believe I almost gave it up and I’m so glad I gave it another shot because it’s my favorite thing to do as a mama. I also want to acknowledge Benji and how amazing he is at drinking bottles at daycare and breastfeeding at home. No issues and I’m so thankful. 

SO, pumping at work. It’s not easy or fun but it’s important to do if I want to continue breastfeeding, which I absolutely do. When I was preparing to go back to work, I had recently purchased a Haakaa pump. Man, it was a match made in heaven because I haven’t touched my electronic pump since! I wasn’t sure if I could keep it up but to this day, I’m just using my Haakaa.


I love it. No tubes, shields, valves, membranes, battery, cords, or bustier for me. Just the Haakaa. And I pour the milk into the bottles that go to daycare the next day. So. Simple. 

The only pumping supplies I bring to work are my Haakaa, cooler bag, a few bottles, and a burp cloth. I put the burp cloth on my lap so I don’t drip on my clothes.

I pump 3 times at work because that’s how many bottles Benji drinks at daycare. Once in the early morning, once at lunchtime, and once in the late afternoon. I try to stick closely to his schedule so I don’t pump too close to his next feeding at home. However, I feel like he can trigger a letdown no matter what. It’s amazing. I wish it was that easy at work.

A strong letdown usually happens during my session but not always. I watch videos of Benji and I think it helps. Sometimes I struggle to get 5 ounces but I try to keep a positive attitude if I don’t have enough. I usually have a few extra ounces of fresh milk at home to make up for those days. 

But at the end of the day, there’s nothing I want to do more than nurse my sweet boy. So, I’ll continue to pump because I’m not always pumping for milk, I’m also pumping to keep my breastfeeding journey afloat. The next challenge on the horizon…TEETH.