Milk Journey: It’s Happening!

A lot of happened since my last milk journey post. I can’t believe it–we’re breastfeeding! A huge piece of advice…


…find women in your life and connect with them. When you’re struggling, it’s easy to feel isolated and broken. The Pumpspotting ladies do a great job at encouraging this. Download that app now! Getting support can be as simple as writing a social media post. To be honest, I was surprised that people even cared. I suppose that’s the bond of motherhood right there.

If it’s your goal to breastfeed, but have given up, try again! After bottle feeding for 3 weeks, I wasn’t sure Benji would go back. But with a little persistence, it clicked! I know that won’t happen for everyone but I encourage you to try if it’s something you’re passionate about. 

In my final weeks of maternity leave, I was exclusively breastfeeding with very little hiccups. Then, a week or so before daycare started we introduced the bottle again for 1 feeding just to be sure he wasn’t anti-bottle.

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