Benji’s 10 Favorites: 4 Months

My babe is 4 months! Watching this little boy grow and develop a personality is exciting. Here’s a list of his favorites. :)


Soft blankets. If he’s fighting sleep, putting a soft blanket next to his cheek and under his arm is key. I wish it was okay to let him keep it in his crib.

  1. Standing, sitting, kicking, and rolling. He loves to move. If I put him on his back, he tries to do a crunch to get himself back up. He doesn’t come close but I love that he’s trying. 

  2. Sucking on and holding his toes.

  3. Bath time. He doesn’t giggle but I think he secretly loves it. Sometimes I accidentally spray or dump water in his face (oops), but he never cries.

  4. This bunny. He loves to chew on the crinkle ears.

  5. Singing. I’m not talented in this department but I’m lucky my babe loves any song I sing. My favorite one to sing a Japanese one that goes through all the greetings you would say to someone in a day (good morning, good afternoon…).

  6. His binky. I purchased this one and he likes it. It took a week or so to transition from his newborn one.

  7. Looking out windows. We often put him in his highchair and face him outside by the screen door. He loves it.

  8. Watching mama or papa eat. I make sound effects and he just laughs and laughs. I probably look like a crazy person to everyone else.

  9. His mama and papa (obviously).


1 thing he doesn’t love: Bananas. We tried his first solid the other day. He wasn’t a fan.

Favstessa gibbs