Mom Bod

Let’s talk body love! In my mind, it’s no surprise that negativity speaks louder, but I’m determined to change that. Before I gave birth, I gave myself zero credit. Without a doubt, birthing a baby changed that. I’m proud and honored to walk around in this mom bod that God gave me.

Am I back to my pre-pregnancy weight? Heck no! I’m breastfeeding another human and I don’t care. I am making milk and that’s more important than getting rid of my mama pouch. I’m totally EMBRACING it, most of the time.

I randomly took these photos with Benji the other day. I did nothing to prepare for the photo physically because I knew it wouldn’t matter to me. The genuine happiness from holding my son shines brighter than anything. Am I crazy? OR am I beginning to see the light? Do yourself a favor and give yourself some CREDIT. No matter what you see in the mirror, your body deserves it.

tessa gibbs