Benji’s 10 Favorites: 8 Months

This babe is 8.5 months old and he is learning and growing faster than ever. Here are some of his newest favorites. 


By far, this LumiPets Bunny is Benji’s current obsession. If I need him to sit still on the changing table or distract him in his crib while I get the mail, it’s a light-up bunny to the rescue! His auntie gave it to him for Christmas and it’s pure magic. 

  1. Clapping! It’s adorable and I can’t get enough. 

  2. Looking outside is still a hard-core fav of his. So much world to see!

  3. Strings or anything string-like. Shoelaces, hood ties, tassels – you name it! He can’t resist a dangling string-like item. It MUST go in his mouth.

  4. Crawling, climbing, standing, falling. Basically, if it requires movement, he’s game. He can army crawl, normal crawl, and bear crawl. He can furniture walk and stand for 3 seconds without assistance. That literally happened for the first time TODAY. 

  5. He still loves his binky.

  6. Me? Brian? He’s starting to show his attachment to us.

  7. Sweet potato, squash, pumpkin, and banana. NOT carrots or apples…yet.

  8. Playing chase/peek-a-boo around furniture. He thinks it is hilarious!

  9. Soft blankets.

Favstessa gibbs